Kitten Family Plan

Affordable Monthly Installments

Our Family Plan is the core of all care and is designed with careful thought to ensure your furry family member receives the necessary care delivered in a warm and loving environment.

  • Annual Physical Exam
    You’ll never feel rushed with our 30-minute appointments and our knowledgeable team will provide the compassionate care you and your pet deserve.
  • Medical Appointments
    Your loved one is always welcome and we would like to address any concerns early to keep you and your pet smiling. Our plan encourages early detection and provides professional guidance from our Veterinarians and Specialized staff on all your important questions.
  • Diagnostic Testing
    Keep your family happy, healthy and safe from disease with our balanced testing protocol.
  • Monthly Nail Trims
    Keep your Family Member looking great!
  • Vaccinations
    Keep your loved one safe and secure with annual booster protection.
  • Routine Internal Parasite Protection
  • Discount towards Monthly Food Program
  • Complimentary First Laser Therapy

Family Plan


Annual Physical Exam
Unlimited Medical Appointments
Unlimited Medical Appointments
Vaccinations, up to 6 Core Vaccines
8 Weeks
12 Weeks
16 Weeks
20 Weeks (If Required)
Diagnostic Testing, 10 Blood Chemistries with Electrolytes & Complete Blood Count for Spay or Neuter
(Test Completed Day of Surgery)
Early Renal Detection Test
Leukemia Test
Feline Immunodeficiency virus test (In Clinic Lab)
Routine Internal Parasite Protection
*Up to 3 Doses
Fecal Exams up to 3x
Spay or Neuter (Immature) Includes IV Fluids
*Does not include Take Home Pain Medication, Cone, Microchip
Monthly Nail Trims
Monthly Weigh-Ins
10% Discount on all Veterinary Services
Complimentary First Laser Therapy
*to be performed at the time of Spay/Neuter

Your Plan can also include:

  • Parasite Control for Heartworm, Fleas, and Ticks

Add another Feline Family member and save $25 dollars off the annual Family Plan.