Deworming Services for Pets

Parasites can create a range of health issues for your pet, from allergic reactions to life-threatening diseases. Deworming ensures the removal of any internal parasites, like worms, inside your pet’s vital organs and internal systems. We recommend pets get dewormed at least twice per year. If your pet is due for a deworming, please contact us at 519-661-0496.

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Is there any way I can tell if my pet has worms?

Many parasites can’t be seen with the naked eye and can go unnoticed, even when you try and examine your pet’s feces. Only with the help of our fecal diagnostics in our in-house laboratory can help us determine if your pet has worms. If you’re able to, please bring a fresh fecal sample if our team requests one. Internal parasites we diagnose include: 

  • Hookworm
  • Roundworm
  • Whipworm
  • Coccidia

Why do puppies and kittens need to be dewormed more?

Starting when they’re 6-8 weeks old, puppies and kittens should be prescribed a dewormer. They are more susceptible to internal parasites because their mother often passes on parasites even before they’re born as well as through their breast milk. If your pet has had more than average exposure to internal parasites, they’ll need more doses of deworming medication. Our veterinary team will work with you to create a deworming schedule that best suits their needs. 

Does deworming hurt my pet?

The purpose of deworming medication is to show parasites the boot without hurting your pet in the process. Think about how hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms can live inside your pet’s digestive system, causing symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting or loss of appetite. Giving your furry friend a tablet, liquid, or chewable deworming will kill these parasites once the medication enters their body. Your pet could experience mild side effects after taking the medication. Don’t be alarmed if you notice any vomiting or diarrhea. This is only cause for concern if it continues for a few days after your pet is finished with their treatment.

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