Euthanasia Services for Pets

Euthanasia is a sensitive and delicate matter that should be handled with the utmost care. You can lean on our compassionate team as you contemplate this difficult decision for your pet and family. Though there is no right time to decide to peacefully and respectfully end your pet’s life, it’s important to consider their medical condition’s impact on their quality of life. 

When is the right time to say goodbye to my pet? 

There is no specific time that’s right to let your pet peacefully transition. Only after giving yourself enough time to carefully consider your options and come up with a decision you’re at peace with can you be sure you’ve made the right choice. Though we want our furry friends to be a part of our family throughout our lifetime, some pets will have to leave us before we’re fully ready to let them go. Euthanasia allows us to maintain your pet’s dignity and end their suffering or pain. If you’d like to discuss your options with our team, please contact us at 519-661-0496.

Will the medication hurt my pet?

Before we administer the euthanasia medication, we give your pet a sedative. The sedative is meant to slowly ease them out of consciousness and into a deep sleep. They’ll temporarily feel the sensation of the needle before being unconscious, which can take a few minutes. Next, we’ll administer the euthanasia medication, which instantaneously stops your pet’s brain and heart. If you’ve chosen to be present for the procedure, we’ll give you a few moments with your pet before taking care of their remains. 

How should I spend my pet’s last few days?

During the days leading up to your pet’s appointment, ensure you’re spending quality time with your pet and preparing your loved ones for the change euthanasia will create in your family dynamic. Things you can do to prepare include: 

  • Dedicate time to doing your pet’s favourite activities 
  • Explain euthanasia to children in age-appropriate language 
  • Give yourself space to mourn or feel all your feelings 
  • Find ways to memorialize your pet through photos, videos etc.