Microchipping for Pets

Every year, thousands of pets go missing. If your pet becomes one of them, we want to help them get back home to you. Microchipping is a quick procedure where we implant a small device that can provide the information a veterinary team or shelter would need to contact you. This simple procedure gives your pet a lifetime of permanent identification. 

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How can a microchip provide me with peace of mind?

Though a microchip doesn’t provide real-time information about your pet’s location, it can be used to identify your pet easily. Unidentifiable pets at shelters who are unclaimed often end up being euthanized. The ever-growing pet population means there are more unwanted pets than homes to put them in. We want to save you the potential worry, stress and heartache you could experience in the unfortunate event your pet gets lost. A quick return of your pet can also limit the chances of them getting injured or falling victim to illness or disease.

When do you implant microchips? 

We often microchip puppies and kittens during their spay or neuter surgery. However, your pet doesn’t need to be under anesthesia during the implantation. We can also microchip your furry friend during a routine visit. A microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice and has a small, integrated circuit. When a handheld scanner detects this chip, its manufacturer is contacted to recover your contact information. To schedule your pet to be microchipped, please contact us at 519-661-0496.

How do I know if my adopted pet already has a microchip?

Microchips are commonly implanted in the same area, under the loose skin near your pet’s neck. Our veterinary team will run our handheld scanner along this area, which will tell us whether or not your pet has a microchip. If they don’t, we can schedule a future appointment to have one implanted. 

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