Nutrition Counselling for Pets

Proper nutrition is an integral part of your pet’s overall health and can often help prevent disease. Our veterinary team can create diets specific to your pet’s health needs, whether that’s supporting weight loss or managing a health condition. If you’re interested in learning more about how nutrition counselling can help your pet, please contact us at 519-661-0496.

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How much should I feed my pet?

Depending on your pet’s weight, breed, lifestyle and overall health, we’ll determine the appropriate amount to feed them. We’ll also develop a feeding schedule to help you know how often they should be eating daily. This helps ensure your pet isn’t overeating, which can cause obesity. Our hospital also offers a variety of medically proven veterinary and holistic, exclusive diets that contain ingredients which adhere to strict standards. Ways to support your pet’s healthy eating include: 

  • Feed nutrient-rich food that keeps them satiated 
  • Use special feeding bowls that disperse food periodically
  • Avoid human foods like chocolate, garlic and ice cream 
  • Ensure treats aren’t being used as a meal replacement 

What makes my pet’s nutritional plan special?

Even two pets of the same breed and age can have completely different nutritional needs. It’s important to tailor their diet to their developmental needs, especially for pets at different life stages. For example, puppies need more food than older dogs because they are growing quickly and need more nutrients to support their growth. Older puppies could have a lower daily caloric intake but need more probiotics to support gut health. 

How can a special diet help my sick pet?

Depending on your pet’s health condition, they could benefit from a scientific diet created by our veterinary team to help improve their quality of life. In some cases, medical diets can even eliminate the need for medication to manage some diseases. Based on your pet’s annual comprehensive exam, we’ll create a detailed nutritional plan that considers their current health concerns. 

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