Orthopedic Services for Pets

It’s important your pet’s bones, ligaments and joints get the medical attention they need to ensure they’re properly taken care of. Pets commonly have a range of orthopedic issues, including arthritis, sprains, broken bones or problems they’re predisposed to. 

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What are orthopedic conditions?

Orthopedic conditions affect your pet’s muscles, joints and bones. Some pets are born with chronic pain and orthopedic conditions because of their breed. Obese pets are also more likely to develop conditions like arthritis, which affects their joint health because the extra weight causes additional strain. Our team creates a treatment plan for your pet, which can include therapeutic treatments (e.g. laser therapy, acupuncture, physical therapy etc.), medications and surgery. If you have questions about how we can support your pet’s orthopedic condition, please contact us at 519-661-0496.

What is orthopedic surgery?

Depending on the severity of your pet’s condition, orthopedic surgery could be recommended as a treatment option. Our veterinary team performs a range of orthopedic surgeries that includes a post-operative pain management plan. The goal is to minimize any pain your pet could experience after the operation. Before the procedure, we administer anesthesia to ease potential discomfort. We monitor their response to the medication throughout the procedure to ensure there aren’t any adverse reactions. Pain management plans can also include pain medication and laser therapy. We can also offer hospitalization to monitor your pet after their surgery. Some of our orthopedic surgeries include: 

  • Cruciate surgeries
  • Tibial Tuberosity Advanced (TTA)
  • Medially luxating patella
  • Femoral head and neck excision

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