Rehabilitation Services for Pets

Whether your pet is recovering from an injury or a recent surgery, our rehabilitation services are geared towards helping your canine friend get back on their paws. Each treatment plan is specifically designed by our certified canine rehabilitation team. At Sears, this includes Dr. Bonnie Wesley, DVM CCRT, Taylor Marcoux, RVT CCRP, and Kathy Zubick, RVT CCRP. 

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What Rehabilitation Consultation Services do we offer?

Initial Rehabilitation Consultation

Before your canine friend starts rehabilitation, our veterinary team books an initial consultation to understand your pet’s health conditions and get them on a path to recovery. This includes a detailed exam, Where Dr. Bonnie will assess your pet’s health, movement, spinal and joint function, physical abilities and overall strength. Common conditions we see pets for include post-orthopedic surgery, accidents, falls, mobility issues and lack of interest in usual activities weight loss and genetic conditions. After the examination, a rehab technician will take your pet to the rehab room and create a treatment plan with Dr. Bonnie. Your pet will start on some modalities based on the treatment plan. Such as laser therapy and the underwater treadmill. This consult is meant for a pet with no known diagnosis or a pet who has not seen their regular seen veterinarian for an appointment for this concern.

Mini Rehabilitation Consultation

A mini rehab consult starts with a brief examination from one of our veterinarians. After confirmation of diagnosis, a rehab technician will follow up with an exercise sheet, treatment plan and program to start your pet on. This consult is meant for a previously diagnosed by the pet’s regularly seen veterinarian and we want to start them on a rehab program. This can include torn cruciate ligaments, IVDD (spine issues), an obese pet that would like a weight loss program or a conditioning pet that has no previous ailments.

What types of treatment plans do you offer?

To find out which treatment plan is the right fit for your pet, please contact us at 519-661-0496. Common treatments we offer include: 

  • Canine Conservative Management (No Surgery) – strengthens ligaments/muscles to address your pet’s mobility issues and improve their quality of life 
  • Canine Pre-Surgery – strengthens ligaments/muscles before a procedure to speed up the post-surgery recovery process 
  • Canine Surgery and Rehabilitation – ensures your pet feels as little pain/discomfort as possible to ensure they make a full recovery 
  • Canine Post Surgery – monitors any mobility issues your pet could have post-surgery, ensuring successful healing and improvement in their movements 

What types of therapies are in treatment plans?

Our treatment plans include hydrotherapy/underwater treadmill, acupuncture, therapeutic laser therapy and physical therapy. Hydrotherapy uses an underwater treadmill to strengthen your pet’s muscles and ease pain/discomfort. Acupuncture uses needles in pressure points to stimulate cell regeneration and release endorphins. Laser and physical therapy use light technology and exercises to support healing and pain release.


My dog, Fozzy, had TPLO surgery this past winter and the physiotherapy team at Sears Animal Hospital was there for his after care. They saw him within the first two weeks post-surgery to begin laser therapy on his stitched up wounds. After his wounds were healed they started him on the underwater treadmill and I was shocked at how quickly he was healing. And also, Fozzy loved going! I’ve never had such an easy time getting my dog into the vets office! Within two months post surgery we were back to our normal daily walking schedule and even doing some easy hikes on weekends! It’s now been six months and my ten year old boy is healthier and more active than most of his doggy peers who haven’t had major reconstructive surgery. We’re hiking and paddle boarding to his content. I highly recommend this team for everyone’s pet physio needs!  

– Peggy Vaida, June 2023


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