Senior Care for Pets

We want to help your pet age as gracefully as possible by providing specialized care. We offer senior feline and canine care programs that help your pet navigate their golden years.  Our specialized care helps slow down or prevent bone problems, joint issues, hormone disorders, cancer, kidney, heart and liver disease.

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When should I schedule my senior pet’s next visit?

We’d like to see your senior pet every six months, which allows us to address any changes to their overall health and well-being between appointments. It’s essential to mention any concerns you have about your pet’s health since they could provide insight into potential health issues. For example, if you notice anything about your pet that seems out of character, we can modify their diet, exercise or daily routine to ensure they’re maintaining a high quality of life. To schedule their appointment, please contact us at 519-661-0496.

How can I support my pet’s aches and pains?

Like humans, pets who age tend to experience changes in their bodies. Some pain symptoms are often mistaken for the signs of aging. For example, if your pet starts walking slower than usual or gaining weight, joint pain could be the cause instead of old age. We want to help your pet experience as little pain as possible during their golden years, so we often recommend pain management as an option.

What type of treatments do you recommend?

Depending on what’s ailing your pet, we’ll recommend one or a combination of the following treatments to help ease their pain: 

  • Comprehensive exam and monitoring 
  • Monthly laser therapy
  • Hydrotherapy (underwater treadmill)
  • Aqua Therapy (underwater treadmill)
  • Physical therapy
  • At-home exercise programs
  • Nutraceuticals/veterinary scientific diets
  • Traditional veterinary Chinese medicine

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