Christina Plavosin

Practice Manager


Hello, my name is Christina. I have been with Sears Animal Hospital as a Veterinary Technician since May 2014.  I will share a bit about myself and how I arrived at this position.

From a young age, I have had a fascination and a love for animals that only grew the older that I got. Wherever I went, I would seek out the pets of the household and befriend them. When I finally got my very own pet at age 10, I became even more interested in cats and dogs and I learned firsthand what it meant to look after and own a pet, and I also realized all the joys that they bring!

The cat that helped me decide my career is a beautiful brown tabby named Jasmine who is now 17 years of age. She was rescued from the London Humane Society.

I completed my diploma in Veterinary Technology at the Ridgetown College University of Guelph in 2012 and graduated with honours and an award for Proficiency in Anaesthesia. I then became registered with the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians. My role in nursing and caring for animals is a great privilege and I enjoy a sense of fulfillment knowing that I help to enrich the lives of your pets!