Evelyn Slezak

Registered Veterinary Technician

My very first patient that sparked my interest in the field was a wildlife rescue – an injured pigeon which I named Squeak. I nursed him back to health and cared for him until the day that he was released. This was very gratifying and helped me to realize my passion for animals.

I graduated from the Veterinary Technology program at Centralia after which I passed exams at the University of Guelph to become Registered as a Veterinary Technician.

I have enjoyed working with small animals and exotic pets for many years, including 7 years at a dermatology practice, 12 years with ultrasound imaging, as well as surgical referral for 8 years, and 14 years in an emergency hospital. Somewhere in there, I managed to travel out to the Bahamas and live on a sailboat for 3 years!

Now I live in London with my rescued animals. Gracie is my Great Dane mix, my cat Dottie is a spotted silver tabby who was rescued from the streets of Komoka, and Latte, a Siamese mix barn kitty.