Gustavo Forero

Veterinary Assistant

I earned my degree as a Veterinary Doctor and Animal Husbandry in Colombia. Subsequently, I pursued specialization in Biotechnology and Embryo Transfer within the realm of cattle farming. While my predominant work experience lies in dairy and cattle farms, my dedication, respect, and affection for pets hold a significant place in my heart. Throughout my life, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my journey with a diverse range of companions, from formidable Rotwailers to spirited Jack Russell Terriers.

Embracing my Latin roots, I have a deep appreciation for music, parties, and a great barbecue. Soccer and mountain biking are my preferred activities, and I also find joy in 4×4 off-road adventures. Cherishing moments with my family and friends is something I truly value.

Joining Sears Animal Hospital has been incredibly rewarding and enriching as I am surrounded by wonderful individuals who share a genuine love for pets.