Michelle Baresic


Hi everyone!

My name is Michelle, I come from a long history of owning animals since my childhood. My first fur baby was my little Netherland dwarf rabbit named Rosie! It then quickly grew into cats and dogs, all sorts of tropical freshwater fish and more! Now I am a proud owner of three beautiful, spunky and sassy chinchillas. Their names are Charlie, Nikona, and Gertrude!

A little bit about myself — I came from a human massage therapist background however, I could not stay away from the animal world. I wanted to take my love for animals and possibly integrate the massage knowledge to them. It’s in the works! I’ve been a receptionist for a few years and have spent over a year in the vet world. I’ve learned so many wonderful things. It has led me to have a keen interest in the nutritional aspect of medicine so I started working closely with the clinic’s amazing nutrition advocate. Sears is a great home! I joined the team in February of 2022 and was welcomed with open arms by each staff member. It’s a true blessing to work alongside the team.