Michelle Baresic

Client Service Representative

I come from a rich background of animal ownership that dates back to my childhood. My first fur baby was a charming Netherlands dwarf rabbit named Rosie. Over time, my love for animals expanded to include cats, dogs, various tropical freshwater fish, and more. Now I am a proud owner of three beautiful, spunky and sassy chinchillas – Charlie, Nikona, and Gertrude.

I initially ventured into the realm of human massage therapy. However, my passion for animals was too strong to resist. I aspired to merge my love for animals with my knowledge of massage, and it’s currently in the works!

After several years as a receptionist, I immersed myself in the veterinary world for over a year, gaining invaluable knowledge. It has led me to have a keen interest in the nutritional aspect of medicine so I started working closely with the hospital’s amazing nutrition advocate.

Joining this team in February 2022 has been a true blessing. Each staff member welcomed me with open arms, making it a wonderful home for me to work alongside this incredible team.