Cat Grooming Services

Our hospital is happy to offer feline grooming services in a quiet, dog-free setting. Our services are available by drop-off appointment and can include shaving or brush-out packages depending on your kitty’s needs! We offer lion cuts, brush out, dry shampoo, nail trimming, and ear cleaning with one of our team members that have a keen interest in grooming.

As we are a full-service veterinary clinic, sedation is available as needed to reduce stress and create a more pleasant patient experience. A physical exam is first performed to ensure safety which will also allow us to tailor the sedation to your pet’s needs.
New patients welcome! Proof of rabies vaccination is required prior to your visit to ensure the safety of your pet and our team. We look forward to ensuring your fur baby is looking and feeling their best!

Grooming Packages

Shave grooming package:

· Haircut, brush-out, TNT, ear cleaning (wipe out), dry shampoo – $100 +tax

Brushout package:

· Brushing, ear clean, TNT, dry shampoo – $50 +tax

Individual services:

· Brushing (15 min) – $20 +tax

· Lion Clip – $90 +tax

· Dry Shampoo – $20 +tax

· TNT – $22.20 +tax

· Partial Shave/Sanitary trim – $15 +tax

· TNTs included with grooming


  • Dex-domitor* – $106.19 +tax
  • Gabapentin (per cat) – $25 +tax

*EXAM required